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Accepting many different forms of payment, including cash, and major credit cards.

Contact us or go to our booking page to book an event or rental, or to inquire about our liability waivers and forms. Browse through our website and social media pages or get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing.


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1. No metal or studded cleats.
2. No aggressive or unnecessary foul play.
3. No slide tackling.
4. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on-premises.
5. Registration and waivers must be completed before entry onto fields.
6. Field rentals are 1 hour per game/practice session.
7. Refrain from pulling or tearing any equipment or materials.
8. Respect all employee and referee decisions.


GC Indoor Sports & Recreation hosts a variety of tournaments on our state of the art indoor synthetic turf fields. We have all of the tools and materials to create any indoor sports tournament. With our 5mm padded multipurpose turf, strong and secure enclosed field netting, climate-controlled centralized air conditioning, an experienced planning department, referees, along with rules and regulations that will ensure all tournaments have a great logistical plan, run at an exceptional level, and be fun for all. Each tournament is a sign-up method provided by GC Indoor Sports & Recreation or the tournament creator.

Tournaments can be co-ed or single-gender, ranging from professional, semi-pro, recreational, age-grouped, gender specified, or free play. Customers can sign up for seasonal tournaments, weekend tournaments, or one-day tournaments. Outside clubs or groups may create their own tournaments and rent our state of the art fields before signing waivers and fees. We encourage you to have payments made before any tournament date. Tournament winners will be posted on GC Indoor Sports & Recreations social media and have the chance to win a team trophy and individual medals! These tournaments will be attached to our website so that any player or spectator may follow the leader boards, stats, team information, or ask any questions they may have.


GC Indoor Sports & Recreation works with players and game planners to provide the necessary equipment and planning for any kind of sport! We provide a reliable space and environment for players and sports enthusiasts to bring new ideas, sports, and training to our facility. Our fields can be transformed into any type of sports field. With our new laser precision line painting machine, multipurpose synthetic 5mm padded turf, multi-use equipment, and well-educated coaching staff and referees, GC Indoor Sports & Recreation is the best indoor sports facility in our Florida area.

Follow us on our social media for tournament pictures and group chats! Please contact us through our website for any questions or comments. You may call for information regarding tournament signups, events, and rentals. If you would like to host, create, or sponsor a tournament or another event, please contact us today!


Waivers and registration must be completed before signing up for any field use or rentals. Please read and understand all rules and regulations for any tournaments in addition to the posted rules and regulations from GC Indoor Sports & Recreation.